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The Chinese Story
How can we understand the Chinese? They are actually quite easy to understand, since the stories told by the things they create provide the key. The first series, which contains five volumes, explore Chinese taste from five different angles: ideals, architecture, tea culture, views on life and death, and the position of nature. The combination of text and images will create a series of unforgettable impressions.

1. Eternal Expectations:
Fortune, Wealth, Longevity, Happiness
(four Chinese goals in life)

2. Spatial Sensibilities:
Home Arrangement
(the spatial arrangements favored by Chinese)

3. Tea and Talk:
Being a Gracious Host
(the traditional Chinese beverage is an entire field of study in itself)

4. Happiness and Harmony:
The Never-ending Cycle of Life
(Chinese views on life and death)

5. Tiny Travelers:
People and Nature
(Chinese philosophical views)
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