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Masterworks of Japanese Painting

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The Etsuko and Joe Price Collection

Tour the ethereal world of Japan's Edo Period.
Over three hundred and fifty paintings created between 1600 and 1860 portray the exquisite sensibility of an inward-looking Japan.

Scholar-collectors Etsuko and Joe Price comment on this rare array of screens, scrolls, woodblocks and paintings.

This CD-ROM provides many features to help viewers explore the splendor of Edo-period art.

An easy keyword serch provides an efficient way to locate images using a comprehensive topic index. In addition, the CD-ROM features detailed information on very work in the colleciton with biographical and historical information gathered with a single command.View superb, museum-quality images and compare paintings side-by-side to study techniques. A visual index allows users to scroll through the paintings as if they were on a light table.   
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