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"Buy Me!" COMDEX Fall '98: Gentlemen place your orders please


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Lee & Lee's DVD title, The National Palace Museum Experience, brings the wonders of China to
the desktop.

One of those companies is Lee & Lee Communications, which sepecializes in CD titles featuring Chinese and Asian themes. Their most recent title is something of a quantum leap for both Lee & Lee, as well as Taiwan's software industry in general, a DVD title featuring the treasures housed
in the National Palace Museum located in Taipei, Taiwan-the world's foremost repository of
Chinese qntiquities.

This title, The National Palace Museum Experience, features a guided tour, as well as useer initiated, interactive journeys of discovery through China's 5,000 historical odyssey.

Although the treasures housed in the National Palace musem could easily fill numerous DVD volumes, Lee & Lee's rendition holds more than enough to enthrall both novices and full-looded Sinologists for days-the presentation is technically astute, yet easy to navigate-navigational aids are virually pleasing and immediately understandable.

Lee & Lee's chosen content is immediately familiar to their designers. The true challenge for the company lay in creating a DVD title that offers both English and Chinese language navigation and content,
but also content that is engaging, enthralling for bilingual and monolingual members of both
Western and Easter cultures.

For the relativly simple accomplishment of creating a DVD title and the complex achievement of presenting 5000 years of history in a concise yet, visually and historically contiguous'satisfying manner-Lee & Lee is awarded a COMDEX Fall '98 "Buy Me" award.

-- Ron Carlson


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