The China Post, Dec. 3, 1998

Appreciate Palace Museum's treasures by clicking on DVD

"The National Palace Museum Experience" is an invitation to browse over 1,200 treasures
in 19 exhibition galleries,presented in 143 virtual reality panoramas. Simply click on the
DVD to begin the cultural tour. Theme tours are also incorporated.

Having a disk is all one needs to learn about the treasures of the National Palace Museum.
he newly launched "The National Palace Museum Experience" belonging to the Chinese
artbased DVD/DVD-ROM for windows series treats indivduals to a personalized tour of
prieceless cultural artifacts.
Here is an invitation to browse over 1,200 treasures in 19 exhibition galeries, presented in 143 virtual reality panoramas. Do it with one hand. Simply pan, zoom and click to open the world of Chinese art and culture. There is no reason to fear getting lost. The orientation guide always comes in handy.The DVD video makes possible the appreciation of 249 selected antiquities in detail through ultrascreen magnification, easy listening stereo narration, three-dimensional structural sketches and highlights of design details. Thirty-three
works of sepecial importance are also featured.
Theme tours are also incorporated in six DVD videos with easy-listening stereo narration in English or Chinese. These weave art treasures together to illustrate ancient China's dining and
drinking culture. They also explore mysterioous animal designs
on ritual vessels and display popular styles of dress and
adornment. Furthermore, they celebrate the refined amusements
of the Chinese literary elite.
"The National Palace Museum Experience" covers major exhibition galleries devoted to Shang
and Zhou ritual bronzes, oracle bone inscriptions late Shang royal tomb 1001,pre-Han pottery,
ceramics from 3rd to 10th centuries, porcelain of the Sung, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, porcelain with auspiciious designs, historic Chinese jade, gilded bronze Buddhist figures,
Ming and Qing dyansty carvings as well as paintings by Lang Sining.

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