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Treasures of Imperial China - Six Completely Collections in One Set
"Treasures of
Imperial China "

Six complete collections in one set

(English / Chinese)
Windows & Macintosh

Price: $ 89.95
With up to x84 magnification, you couldn't get any closer with a magnifying glass!
A breathtaking collection of ancient Chinese art.

Beautiful Paintings, Jade, Porcelain, Bronze and more.
All CD-ROMs Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers!
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Treasures of Imperial China :
Paintings from the National Palace Museum

This selection of famous paintings from the former Chinese imperial collection lets you appreciate each work with breathtaking clarity of detail. Step back and take in the overall layout, or zoom right in on individual brush strokes. Come and see how deeply moving these great paintings can be!

Theme ToursTreasures of Imperial China :
Jade from the National Palace Museum

Did you kn
ow that the famous Jade Cabbage once belonged to the dowry of Concubine Jin (1873-1924), concubine to the Qing dynasty's Guangxu Emperor? What did Concubine Jin look like in full court ress? And what significance underlies this particular choice of subject and shape? You can find all the answers in "Treasures of Imperial China : Jade from the National Palace Museum." 
Appreciation of AntiquitiesTreasures of Imperial China :
Bronzes from the National Palace Museum

In ancient China, exquisitely designed bronze vessels were used as ritual containers for food, wine and water. Impressive weapons and chariot fittings were another feature of China's Bronze Age. "Treasures of Imperial China : Bronzes from the National Palace Museum" lets you appreciate some of the world's finest examples of early metalwork.
Treasures of Imperial China :
Porcelain from the National Palace Museum

What gives Chinese porcelain its unsurpassed place in world art? Is it down to superlative manufacturing techniques, rare materials, or enchanting colors? Find out by entering the world of "Treasures of Imperial China : Porcelain from the National Palace Museum."
Treasures of Imperial China :
Auspicious Objects and Ruyi Scepters from the National Palace Museum

The Chinese have many kinds of auspicious objects, and each one has a story behind it. Find out why peaches are symbols of longevity, why the Buddha's-hand citron stands for good fortune, and why lotuses are so often paired with crabs. If you want to know more about the stories and background that explain these associations, don't miss this title from Lee & Lee!
Treasures of Imperial China :
Imperial Writing Implements from the National Palace Museum

Be sure to check out this title for some of the finest art treasures ever designed for the Chinese scholar's studio. China's literati down the centuries delighted in collecting exquisite writing implements for many reasons including their great antiquity, unusual design, fine materials, and the profound learning and lofty moral standing of their previous owners. Now you can appreciate these fine objects as if they formed part of your own personal collection.
Mac & PC compatible
1.To fully meet user requirements, this series is compatible with both Mac and PC environments. Now anyone can enjoy and appreciate Chinese culture free of worries about operating platform compatibility.

2. Improved magnification for close-up viewing We take away the museum's glass security screens to give you an intimate close-up view of these national treasures. With up to x84 magnification, you couldn't get up any closer with a magnifying glass!

3. Relative size indication avoids creating a false impression To simulate the feel of actually being in a museum gallery, we carefully indicate the relative size of each exhibit so as to avoid creating a
false visual impression.

4. Print-out function for reference and study Just click to print out pictures or basic study material relating to any chosen object, to assist you with gathering information for study and appreciation.

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