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The National Palace Museum

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The National Palace Museum was born in 1925, the year after the Last Emperor left the Forbidden City in Beijing. The treasures in the former palace had been chosen over the centuries to delight the exacting taste of successive emperors. Today in its new home in Taipei, the Museum houses a total of 700,000 national treasures. These masterpieces are part of the whole world's cultural heritage.

This CD-ROM presents 136 selected antiquities and works of art in twelve categories. Each exhibit is described by a narrator for easy listening, while zoom and revolve functions allow full appreciation of every detail.


The Story of the MuseumThe Story of the Museum

There are times when what seems impossible has a miraculous way of actually happening. To escape the ravages of wartime China, the treasures of the National Palace Museum were transported on a 14,000-kilometer odyssey, amazingly without a single item being lost on the way. Today the National Palace Museum in Taipei continues to hold the flame aloft, promoting Chinese culture on the international stage. This unit uses a documentary-style format to illuminate four phases in the Museum's history, reporting on events that have shaped the history of Chinese art and civilization.
Appreciation of ExhibitsAppreciation of Exhibits

True listening is a journey of intellectual discovery. We have selected 136 celebrated exhibits from among the many tens of thousands at the National Palace Museum and created a free, relaxed environment for you to enjoy them. Listen to expert analysis of art objects and their background, while savoring the beauty of fine craftsmanship in all its subtlety.

Enter into the hearts of Chinese of different dynasties, listen to their inner voices, and share their joys and anxieties. See how the superstitious Shang people obtained divine inspiration from cracks on turtle shells, and how Qinshihuang mobilized millions of people to build him an ideal world in death.
Down the course of 5,000 years of history, learn how the Chinese applied their wisdom and ingenuity to creating an epic civilization.

The treasures of the National Palace Museum are a precious heritage of human civilization. This unit provides a fresh angle for art interpretation by placing these sophisticated artifacts in context, tracing how styles
changed over time, interpreting their individual charm, and so bringing them closer to modern viewers.
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