Video Vaults "Chinese Art"
Out of the Museum and into the Home

San Jose, CA - Lee & Lee Communications, U.S.A. announced today the release of a
three-volume series that unleashes the Treasures of Chinese Art onto VHS.

Spurred by the recent success of their CD-ROM & DVD "Treasure the Treasures" series -
a six-volume odyssey of interactive art tours - Lee & Lee was eager to embrace other mediums
(requested by both schools & libraries).

"Customer demand was high for another way for people to experience the beauty of Chinese Art," said Melanie McRee of Lee & Lee, "For many people, our products are their only chance to view these works. We want to provide every opportunity for the world to explore the wonder of Chinese culture."

As the sole licensee of the images in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, Lee & Lee has developed a number of ways to showcase the art. In "Imperial Treasures of Chinese Art," Volume 1 in the VHS series, viewers travel through six theme tours that illustrate the cultural and historical significance of the works. "Heart of China," Volume 2, unrolls a cross-section of medieval Chinese society through a detailed journey of "A City of Cathay," the 38 foot-long scroll that portrays over 3,000 figures, hundreds of animals, activities, and architecture.
(Releasing in late July 99)

For a different perspective, viewers can turn to "Faces of Compassion: The Art of Contemplation," the third volume which will be released in September. Culling religious sculpture from private collections around the world, "Faces" unearths the regional differences in both design and belief.

Each volume in the series runs for 45 minutes and is accompanied by a viewing companion. The double-pack cassettes are available for a suggested retail price of $49.95 On-line at or call 1-888-ART-8099.

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