A Technological Treasure Hunt Unearthing The National Palace Museums'
"Treasure the Treasures"

San Jose, CA - Lee & Lee Communications announced today the release of the "Treasure the Treasures" CD-ROM~ series. Each of the five volumes in this CD-ROM collection unearths a storehouse of Chinese culture.

Users can careen through the famous painting "A City of Cathy" in Volume 2, clicking on an array of animals, people, and activities to zoom in and get a closer look. This famous, 38 foot~long painting shows a cross section of medieval Chinese life. A narrator and animations allow users to delve deeper into this world. Viewers can easily visit a wedding procession with colorful banners and musicians; listen to a lively outdoor opera; gape at performing monkeys, acrobats and a tightrope walker; and discover the activities of everyday Chinese people. Study guides and thematic tours provide even more opportunities to explore.

If you're sick of movie monsters, "The Dragon in Chinese Art," Volume 3, will unleash an ancient creature into your imagination. A vivid tour of 1 26 dragons and their role in Chinese art and society should captivate even those who hated "Jurassic Park." The ten types of dragons, and their powers and cultural significance, unfold through beautifully rendered images and narration.

"The Treasure-house of Chinese Art," "Gems of China's Cultural Relics," and "The National Palace Museum Experience," (Volumes 1, 4 and 5) provide theme-guided virtual-reality tours, timelines, and historical, interactive maps to open up the rich world of China, its art, and its people.

It took an effort spanning 30 years to preserve the images viewed in this series. Ravaged by war, the Chinese people carried over 600,000 artifacts & objects -- by foot, train, boat, and hand-towed barges -- to save them. These priceless treasures were hidden in caves, tunnels, and warehouses to avoid detection until, eventually, the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan opened in 1965.

With a bounty of stories to tell and beauty to share, each volume of The National Palace Museum Series is available now at retail software stores for a suggested price of $49.95.

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