Travel through the Treasure Troves of the Past with New CD ROM,
Gems of China '5 Cultural Relics

San Jose, CA - Lee & Lee Communications announced today a way to plunge into the art of the past with National Treasures: Gems of China 's Cultural Relics, volume 4 in their award winning Treasure the Treasures series.

An exhibition space displays 150 treasures from 34 museums in Mainland, China. Viewers can zoom in, rotate, read about and listen to the majesty of China's imperial past. 35mm video clips further capture the detail and beauty of 25 selected pieces.

For those seeking a more far-flung adventure, the Map of History section unearths the 35 archeological sites where the artifacts were recently discovered while the Time Scroll area unleashes the depth and breadth of dynastic styles. Users can witness how jade suits rewrote Chinese cosmology, explore the terra-cotta warriors that served as statues of conquest and ego, and delve into ritual bronzes of Buddha.

"This CD-ROM allows anyone to turn their computer into a museum," said Ann Lee, President & CEO of Lee & Lee Communications, U.S.A.

The release of the CD-ROM coincides with one of largest exhibits of Chinese art and archeology ever lent by the People's Republic of China, "The Golden Age of Chinese Archeology," a tour of over 200 artifacts. With masterpieces spanning five dynasties and the Neolithic period, both the tour and the CD-ROM promise to unearth an amazing array of beauty, culture, and history.

"The Golden Age of Chinese Archeology" will visit The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. from September 19, 1999 to January 2, 2000; The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas, from February 13 to May 7, 2000; and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco from June 17th to September 11, 2000
National Treasures: Gems of China's Cultural Relics will be available at participating museums, and is also available at for a suggested retail price of $49.95.

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