Art Lovers and Asia-aficionados looking for an intense
and unique odyssey into Chinese Culture will be especially
impressed with
"The National Palace Museum Experience"
DVD/DVD-ROM, the first museum virtual reality experience!

Lee & Lee Communications, the sole licensee of the images from the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan has also produced 6 CD-ROM titles entitled "Treasure the Treasures" series in addition to this masterpiece of technology.

Established in 1988, Lee & Lee Communications a content provider has been honored to receive this exclusive authorization from the National Palace Museum to develop and publish CDROM / DVD / DVD-ROM featuring the museums unparalleled collection of Chinese Art and Cultural Artifacts.
This series has already received several international production awards and is being successfully launched onto the international market. These products have been recommended by Libraries and Museums in North America and Europe for both private and reference libraries as well as being purchased by retail outlets and museum gift shops

With the investment from the Acer Group and the China Development Corporation, Lee & Lee has strengthened its overall operating structure and is actively engaged in high-tech platform development as a major means of recording and promoting Chinese Art and Culture.

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