Cut the Ropes, Eliminate the Crowds, and
Smash theGlass
The National Palace Museum Experience
DVD/DVD-ROM Serves Up the Apex of Asian Art

San Jose, CA - Hidden in caves.. .carried thousands of miles on foot.. transported on hand-towed barges... moving secretly through a country ravaged by war....These actions aren't missions on
the latest computer game.They are part of the 30-year odyssey of over 600,000 objects.. an
odyssey undertaken to preserve the art treasures of China.
The fruit of these intense labors - the largest collection of Asian art in the world - is now ready to take a more intimate journey.
Lee & Lee Communications, U.S.A., announced today the release of
"The National Palace Museum Experience," a DVD/DVD-ROM that creates a virtual-reality tour
of 1,200 objects, bringing the beauty and history of Chinese culture to life.
Like a computerized treasure hunt, "The National Palace Museum Experience" allows the user
to unearth a storehouse of cultural relics. Ultra-screen magnification, highlights of design features, and three-dimensional structural sketches create an unparalleled way to view and to learn.
"The splendor and richness of these 1 ,200 objects are often difficult to appreciate in a traditional museum visit," said Melanie McRee of Lee & Lee Communications, USA, "Aside from having a piece in your home, "The National Palace Museum Experience" is absolutely the best way to explore Chinese art."Zooming in and out, panning, and clicking on objects allows users to
customize their experience. Complementing the visual vibrancy is an orientation guide designed
to heighten historical and cultural understanding.
Six theme tours provide the viewer with additional voyages into the vast empire of Chinese
culture. Tours allow users to analyze animal designs on ritual vessels, explore the amusements
of the Chinese literary elite, and uncover symbolism behind popular dress and adornment, among other possibilities. An interactive time-line further illustrates the depth and breadth of Chinese Art.
After their 30-year journey, many of these works will never again leave their home in Taipei's National Palace Museum. As the only product of its kind,
"The National Palace Museum Experience"
may well be the only opportunity many have to unearth the splendor of an ancient culture.
"The National Palace Museum Experience" is available now at major software outlets for a suggested retail price of $79.95.

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