Weaving a Web of Culture: and EthinicAmerica.
com Catch the Apex ofAsian Art in Their Net

San Jose, CA - Two web sites have teamed up to present a visual feast of 5000 years of Chinese Art, Culture and Humanities., the site of an award-winning multimedia company based in Taipei, Taiwan, and, a site designed to "promote and foster cultural understanding and appreciation," and have joined forces to allow anyone with Internet access the opportunity to view a variety of pnceless treasures from Taiwan's National Palace Museum.

"Most people will never be able to travel to Taiwan to see these artifacts," said Melanie McRee, Director of Sales & Marketing at Lee & Lee Communications, USA, " and give everyone the chance to discover some of the majesty and mystery of Asian Art."

While presents screen shots of Lee & Lee's best selling software series, shows the viewer a selection of treasures. Visitors to the cafe will delight in pieces like "Jade carved to look like Pork" and "Horned Mythical Beast in Cloisonne' Enamel" just to name a few of the 600,000 artifacts housed in the National Palace Museum. After their tour, users can click on news stories highlighting diversity and ethnicity at

With the common goal of fostering cultural enrichment and understanding, and hope their sites will spearhead a trend of open forums for ethnic exploration, appreciation, and participation.

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