Miva Engine Version Mismatch Miva Merchant requires the Miva Engine, version 3.7001 or higher.
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| | Miva Merchant v2.0 | | This file and the source codes contained herein are the property | of Miva Corporation. Use of this file is restricted to the specific | terms and conditions in the License Agreement associated with this | file. Distribution of this file or portions of this file for uses | not covered by the License Agreement is not allowed without a written | agreement signed by an officer of Miva Corporation. | | Copyright 1998-2000 Miva Corporation. All rights reserved. | http://www.miva.com/ | | $Source: /home/cvs/merchant/Merchant/merchant.mv,v $ | $Id: merchant.mv,v 1.273 2000/11/18 01:23:27 james Exp $ | | Prefix : MER-MER- | Next Error Code: 7 | Next Text ID : 10 | Miva Merchant has not been initialized. Please use the Miva Merchant Setup script to initialize the required data files. Miva Merchant wurde nicht initialisiert. Bitte benutzten Sie das Miva Merchant Setup-Skript, um die erforderlichen Datendateien zu initialisieren. No stores exist. Please use the administration utility to create one. Es sind keine Läden vorhanden. Bitte erstellen Sie einen Laden mit dem Administration-Dienstprogramm. There is no user interface configured for store selection.
Please use the administration interface to select a user interface module.
Für die Ladenauswahl wurde keine Benutzeroberfläche konfiguriert.
Bitte wählen Sie mit der Administrationsoberfläche ein Benutzeroberflächenmodul.
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Unbekannter Fehler

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Dont touch this. It is a part of the email format Password: %password% Passwort: %password% Product '%code%' not found Produkt '%code%' nicht gefunden | | New code in v2.22: Adds a call to payment modules to allow them to insert/modify | shipping charges | Invalid Payment Module Ungültiges Zahlungsmodul