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The National Palace Museum Experience

Price: $49.95


The National Palace Museum in Taipei is a world-famous
treasure-house of Chinese art and culture. Accumulated using
all the resources available to Chinese emperors over the centuries,
its collection enshrines the finest accomplishments of imperial
China's artists, craftsmen and scholars.

Now for the first time ever, this CD-ROM guides you on a
Virtual Reality Tour through the Museum's many fascinating
galleries and offers you a free, relaxing environment in which
to luxuriate in the beauty of Chinese art.

Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality National Palace Museum

State-of-the-art virtual reality technology transcends the limits of imagination to create a three-dimensional model of the interior of the National Palace Museum. Here you can enjoy the pleasure of a personalized
tour of priceless cultural artifacts; whichever gallery you want to visit, whatever type of national treasure you want to view: just wish it, and you are there.
Of course, there are expert guides to help you and
a layout chart to keep you from getting lost as you progress in your search for art treasures.

Appreciation of Antiquities

Simple written data provide easy access to the
moving stories behind these ancient artifacts.
You are given explanations of the historical backgrounds, the sources, and the mysterious
forms and decorations of more than a hundred
national treasures. Furthermore, details of the
objects are enlarged to give you a brand-new appreciation of every enchanting design and
each ingenious concept.



What interesting events have shaped the history of China, from the Neolithic period down through the golden ages of the Ming and Qing dynasties? Which artifacts tell the stories of these events? And which of these objects have influenced the way we live today?

Fresh and lively concepts offer a new perspective on these historical artifacts, providing you with a fresh model for contemplating the glories of imperial China.

Theme Tours

Individually independent art treasures are linked together into a series of engrossing and informative mosaics that reveal the everyday dining and drinking culture of ancient China, show the vessels decorated with enchanting animal designs, display popular clothing through the ages, and depict the refined amusements of the Chinese literati. You will travel through space and time to explore the different dynasties and engage with the varied lifestyles
of the ancient Chinese.

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